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Once Upon A.I.

shortfilm for Yuval Noah Harari

Once Upon A.I. AKA De Mensen
This is Once Upon A.I. An experiment featuring 15 A.I. algorithms that were given a text by Yuval Noah Harari and were asked to create visuals accordingly. This film is the result of this close creation between man and machine. New work that was launched at the Love Tomorrow Conference in Boom, with Yuval Noah Harari as keynote speaker. Watch


by Younes Haidar

BeSafe AKA De Mensen
A new video in the BeSafe docu series. Finding common ground between youngsters & policemen to enhance mutual respect. In collaboration with Bridgeneers. Watch

Hi Patrick

New director

Hi Patrick AKA De Mensen
Dutch director and animator Patrick Louwerse has stepped into our world and we have entered his. With a unique mix of handcrafted animations, miniature set design, VFX and live action film, he creates unique worlds in which shoes fly, laces pop and color and sound sway together in the setting sun. His high concept ideas were chosen by Converse, Carhartt and Nike. And be sure to check out his latest series for Camper, made in full lockdown. Don’t be shy, call us. Check him out

Play Sports - Play-offs 2022

by Jef Boes

Play Sports - Play-offs 2022 AKA De Mensen
Jef Boes directed this tribute by the SK Lierse fans to this seasons' underdog USG. Will history repeat itself 25 years later? Follow it on Play Sports. Watch

Ikraaan - Dans

by Mous Lamrabat

Ikraaan - Dans AKA De Mensen
Ikraaan's newest music video is out! A one-taker directed by Mous Lamrabat. Watch

State of Art

driven by craft, Tom & Greenwood

State of Art AKA De Mensen
New work for State Of Art together with Fitzroy Amsterdam, featuring Tom Waes and directed by Greenwood - the newest addition to our roster! Watch

Vuilste Jobs Vips

A dirty job for VTMGO

Vuilste Jobs Vips AKA De Mensen
AKA developed a weekly "shorty" for VTMgo where flemish celebs fully commit themselves to a job that they would otherwise probably never do in their lives. A first pleasant collab with editor-in-chief & director Mathieu Berghs. Watch

Telenet - Ready for tomorrow

by Sidney Van Wichelen

Telenet - Ready for tomorrow AKA De Mensen
A story about technology and how it brings people together. How it helps us to dare more, dream bigger, support others, and be ourselves. A powerful end of year message by Telenet, created together with TBWA and Sidney Van Wichelen. Watch


by Jasper Declercq

#WhatTheSmoke AKA De Mensen
A Tiktok mini series with flemish influencers tackling the negative consequences of smoking. Created in collaboration with DDB for Kom Op Tegen Kanker. Watch

Hippo & Friends

collab with Volstok

Hippo & Friends AKA De Mensen
This bird helps all little hippos deal with diabetes type 1. Want to know more? So proud of this video we created for Hippo&friends, together with Volstok and Mauro Pawlowski. Watch

Intergalactic lovers

Shortfilm by Charlotte De Cort

Intergalactic lovers AKA De Mensen
Charlotte De Cort made an enchanting video trilogy together with Lara Chedraoui, frontwoman of Intergalactic Lovers. Each chapter in the Liquid Love triptych corresponds to a song on the new album. The shortfilm is selected for the Ostend film festival in march 2022. Watch

Belfius - For Your Love

by Craig Moore

Belfius - For Your Love AKA De Mensen


by Younes Haidar

BeSafe AKA De Mensen
A docu series about mutual respect. By Younes Haidar in collaboration with Bridgeneers. Watch

Hola, Javier Barcala

New director

Hola, Javier Barcala AKA De Mensen
Proud to announce the arrival of director Javier Barcala at AKA. A creative jack of all trades living in Brussels & Madrid, with a big love for fashion and a strong artistic vision. Watch

MNM Marathonradio

by Eloi Nsanzabandi

MNM Marathonradio AKA De Mensen
An empowerment for all the students working their asses off in june: you are not alone! A pleasant first colab with director Eloi Nsanzabandi. For MNM and Wunderman Thompson. Watch

Creative Belgium Awards

Silver & Bronze for AKA De Mensen

Creative Belgium Awards AKA De Mensen
5 shortlists, Bronze for Cultural Pro Leage and Silver for the Play Sports campaign with TBWA. PARTY TIME! A cute addition to the award shelve @ De Mensen :) Watch the CPL casemovie

Child Focus

by Nathalie Basteyns

Child Focus AKA De Mensen
What to do when your child goes missing? Something every parent should know. Watch

BOIC / Team Belgium

by Ralf Demesmaeker

BOIC / Team Belgium  AKA De Mensen
It's a fashion film. It's a videoclip. It's pounding techno music. Belgium's finest. Running into surrealism. A first. A beauty. AKA x Team Belgium. Watch

Hi Toby Dye!

new director

Hi Toby Dye! AKA De Mensen
English filmmaker Toby Dye has directed iconic, genre-defying work for some of the world’s biggest brands, bands, channels and platforms. He began his career in documentary, and whilst this continues to influence his approach, today Toby works across multiple genres. Inventive and bold, he’s become known for pushing boundaries in film and storytelling, developing a fresh visual style coupled with a tonality to his work that deeply engages audiences thanks to its unsentimental honesty. Toby has picked up numerous awards, and has helmed campaigns for major brands such as Heineken, Ford, Netflix, Volkswagen, McDonalds and American Express. Check him out

Play Sports - play-offs

by Tom Willems

Play Sports - play-offs AKA De Mensen
Tom Willems directed the new campaign for Play Sports. Five commercials about 5 contenders for the play-offs. As Genkie at heart, we had a slightly biased director on set. To balance that out we've embedded the Antwerp commercial, featuring Guido Belcanto. ;) Watch Guido

Welcome Craig

new director

Welcome Craig AKA De Mensen
Meet Craig Moore, the newest addition to our roster. Craig is a South-African who recently moved to Antwerp. A director born for cinematic sports storytelling and strong visual lifestyle themes. Don’t be shy, call us. Check him out

Ode to the volunteers

by Jaan Stevens & Michiel Venmans

Ode to the volunteers AKA De Mensen
This one’s for all the volunteers. New work for Sport Vlaanderen. Watch

Love Campaigns

by Tobias Deruwe

Love Campaigns AKA De Mensen
We welcomed some of Belgium’s finest creatives (and Jasper ;-) ) in our studio to talk about their love campaign of 2020. New work for Creative Belgium. Watch


by Jasper Declercq

AG ASO AKA De Mensen

Play Sports/Simon

by Sidney Van Wichelen

Play Sports/Simon AKA De Mensen
The first two Play Sports films scored so well that TBWA decided to continue the saga with 'potentially the best keeper in the world' Simon Mignolet. Directed by 'potentially the best director in the world' Sidney Van Wichelen. Watch

Best videoclip 2020

Eefje de Visser – Bitterzoet (Tobi Jonson)

Best videoclip 2020 AKA De Mensen
Tobi Jonson & Eefje De Visser won the award for Best Video at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2020. Produced in the first months after AKA De Mensen was born in the summer of 2019. Congrats to the whole team! Check out all winners

Keep moving

by Jasper Declercq

Keep moving AKA De Mensen
Same lockdown, same encouragement, different execution. Keep moving people! Watch


by Hyun Lories & Laura Van Haecke

UNTZ AKA De Mensen
The trilogy is complete! Hyun and Laura turned this third StuBru film into a raving beauty. Press 'Watch' to 'Untz'. Watch

Belfius Cure

by Ben Lacour

Belfius Cure AKA De Mensen
Ben Lacour directed this heartbreaking story for Belfius. The perfect mix between emotion and rationality. Because no matter how strong your facts are, sometimes hope is all you need. Watch

Moments of genius for Play Sports

by Sidney Van Wichelen

Moments of genius for Play Sports AKA De Mensen
An insane goal scored by Rik Coppens... it's a shame almost no one ever saw it. New work for Play Sports & TBWA ⚽️ Watch

AG fire prevention

by Vincent Schroeven & Louk Voncken

AG fire prevention AKA De Mensen
Very hot social videos for AG to warn you for fire hazard. Watch

AG safe cycling

by Vincent Schroeven & Louk Voncken

AG safe cycling AKA De Mensen
AG lends cyclists a helping hand. Watch


by power woman Nathalie Basteyns

WO=MEN AKA De Mensen
An intimate & meaningful film for Belfius. Directed by Nathalie Basteyns with the help of a gender-balanced crew. Watch

Amnesty International

by Charlotte De Cort

Amnesty International AKA De Mensen
Actor Josse De Pauw and author Saskia De Coster demand respect for human rights. Shot by Charlotte De Cort for Prophets. Watch

The cultural pro league

by Onder Stroom, Jasper & co

The cultural pro league AKA De Mensen
All cultural events got cancelled. Football was allowed. So they turned all theaters and venues into football clubs. What games are you looking forward to? Read more

Keep moving

by humans

Keep moving AKA De Mensen
Sport Vlaanderen continues to encourage everyone to exercise. An exciting high-speed drone production. Watch

Belfius car

by Ben Lacour

Belfius car AKA De Mensen
Belfius encourages to embrace the positive new habbits we've learned during lockdown. Beautifully told by Ben Lacour. Watch

Claiming back the flemish flag

by @jasperandnoortje

Claiming back the flemish flag AKA De Mensen
An other art project by our inhouse creative Jasper and his partner in crime Noortje. Claiming back the flemish flag as a symbol of àll inhabitants of Flanders. Something we can only encourage. Read more

Camping Belgica

de la petite crevette Hyun Lories

Camping Belgica AKA De Mensen
Time for sensual summer beats on radiostation StuBru with Camping Belgica. Staycation never sounded so hot. Featuring Morgan Van der Zeven, beat maker of Le 77 and renowned camping grounds sex symbol. Watch


for StuBru by Laura Van Haecke & Hyun Lories

A second new 24/7 music stream was launched by Belgian radio station StuBru today >> BRUUT: heavy guitars all day every day. Laura & Hyun crafted a completely different, but equally amazing, love letter to the rock genre. Watch


for StuBru by the talented Hyun & Laura

A love letter to hip hop to launch the new 24/7 hip hop music stream Hooray by Belgian radio station StuBru. Starring Blu Samu. By the hand of Mutant, Laura Van Haecke & Hyun Lories. Watch

Fosbury & Sons

homework by Frank Devos

Fosbury & Sons AKA De Mensen
Homeworking is great. Just not every day. And so is videocall directing. Frank Devos took on the challenge and directed this film without leaving his house. Watch

Ne grand merci

by Sidney 'mauve et blanc' Vanwichelen

Ne grand merci AKA De Mensen
The end of an era for football club RSCA and sponsor BNP Paribas Fortis. Watch

AKA De Mensen is born

AKA De Mensen is born AKA De Mensen
8 months ago we started 'Humans'. So it was about time for a name change. Humans is now AKA De Mensen. New name, new style, new website, same people. Watch

Nachtraven wins Emmy Kids award

tv show by De Mensen for Ketnet

Nachtraven wins Emmy Kids award AKA De Mensen
Nachtraven is the first Belgian tv show to win an International Emmy Kids Award. The show won in the category ‘Kids: Non-Scripted Entertainment’ against ‘The Voice Kids’, ‘Lego Masters’ and ‘The Baby Boss’. Congrats to our talented colleagues at De Mensen! Read more

Sport Vlaanderen encourages to keep exercising


Sport Vlaanderen encourages to keep exercising AKA De Mensen
How to stay fit during lockdown in a safe way? 10 tips by Sport Vlaanderen, produced by locked down humans. Watch

Music video Eefje De Visser

by Tobi Jonson

Music video Eefje De Visser  AKA De Mensen
An other masterpiece by Tobi Jonson for Eefje De Visser. “After shooting 'Bitterzoet' we had so many beautiful underwater images shot by Pieter Van Campe. These are now edited into a lyric video for Eefje's new single 'Stilstand'. In these strange covid times the song gets a whole new meaning. Stay safe & dream on!” Tobi Jonson Watch

Ben Lacour Walking the talk

for Kom op tegen Kanker & Eén

Ben Lacour Walking the talk AKA De Mensen
!Puppy-eyes alert! A campaign by Mutant to talk about cancer and to march against it, beautifully told by Ben Lacour. Watch

Food baby or real baby


Food baby or real baby AKA De Mensen
Remember the controversial Taboob account on Instagram? Founders Jasper Declercq & Noortje Palmers launched yet an other controversial hit. Is it a food baby or a real baby? Get ready to train those babyspottingskills. Check it out

Belfius results

by Eva Cools

Belfius results AKA De Mensen
If you believe in what you do, you know why to get out of bed every morning. Watch

BINTI awarded best European children’s film of 2019

Congrats Frederike Migom!

BINTI awarded best European children’s film of 2019 AKA De Mensen
“Thank you to the ECFA jury, and thank you to everyone who is working to bring this film to all those kids all over the world, and thank you to everyone who’s seen it and to everyone who’s had a part in making it. Somehow it feels like we’ve come full circle. Ready now to move onto the next!” Frederike Migom Watch trailer

Ikea masked chef

by Jevon Lambrechts

Ikea masked chef AKA De Mensen
Jevon & DDB taking the Ikea Method kitchens to the test. Watch

New director

= William Van Bavel

New director AKA De Mensen
William impressed with the shortfilm 'Hired' he made for a Narafi film school project. An insecure man starts his new job as a supermarket cassier with a very remarkable first day. Watch it here

AG high in the hills


AG high in the hills AKA De Mensen
The Swiss alps are ready to receive the Belgian cyclo team. Watch

BINTI nominated at Sundance Film Festival

Frederike Migom conquering the US

BINTI nominated at Sundance Film Festival  AKA De Mensen
Twelve-year-old Binti and her father, Jovial, are undocumented immigrants from the Congo, who have lived in Belgium since Binti was a baby. She dreams of living a normal life and aspires to be an online influencer, but their lives are upended when the refugee squat they are living in is raided by the Belgian police. Through poignant storytelling that all audiences will enjoy, this award-winning film explores weighty issues with humor, empathy, and love. If you haven't seen it already, now is the time! Watch trailer

Land Rover always straight on


Land Rover always straight on AKA De Mensen
Enough with all the detours. Why are we so concerned about what other people think? Tiptoeing around to avoid confrontation. Tom Waes has had enough... Watch

A bypass for Eén

by Filip & Joeri

A bypass for Eén AKA De Mensen
Things heat up between Benny & Lu while watching a new episode of Blokken... Watch

Belfius wishes

by Heleen Declercq

Belfius wishes AKA De Mensen
This is a story about humans being human. Adding a warm personal message to their bank transfer. And about how a few well chosen words can transfer something way more important than money. Watch
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