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a movie about a world where only children live

A world shrouded in mysterious darkness. But… there’s one girl, Malou, who takes the plunge into the NX. She’s looking for her twin brother, and the truth.

The Village People

fiction podcast

In 2050 a Dutch family must migrate to the Ardennes because of the floods.

77 Dagen

a series about death, but mostly about life

About Bob, who deliberately chooses to lie in order to live more honest than ever. Together with her, we’re counting down to her day 0, her end. 77 dagen is a mirror for the viewer, a series that makes us all realize how much we are being lived instead of living. A series that pleads for less regret, reflection and perfection and more passion, emotion and authenticity. We pay a tribute to honesty and living every day as if it were your last. Because in the end, we all die: your life is now, make sure you don’t miss it. Watch the teaser


podcast led by artist Koen Vanmechelen

Vanmechelen believes that the world needs more diversity and ideas that can restore this diversity. Labiomista is not an art project, but an idea of an ideal society. The listeners of this podcast will become the residents of Labiomista. Vanmechelen lets his guests contribute to the ideal society in the form of a discussion about how we should live together. Together with them, he defines the rules for Labiomista.


shortfilm by Bram Coppens

Donald is in a downward spiral in his life. Everything is against him. He has never been able to make a career as a hockey player, is in arrears, loses his job and his platonic love remains unanswered. But it is only when he makes a crucial error of judgement as an arbitrator, that things get really out of hand.
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